About The Client

We, at VISIT 2 SRI LANKA PTY LTD, are committed to strengthen the travel and tourism industry of Sri Lanka. Based in Australia (ACN-635 784 940), VISIT 2 SRI LANKA PTY LTD is the first of its kind extensive Digital Travel Guide to Sri Lanka – The only reason why this platform came into being is our overriding desire to tell the world about Sri Lanka and its thrilling experiences.

VISIT 2 SRI LANKA is the one and only fully-fledged travel and tourism website in Sri Lanka, which is complete with listings including attractions, accommodation, airlines, Rent a Cars, tour operators, itineraries and packages. Our integrated web platform brings together every product and service related to travel and tourism industry onto a single platform. Furthermore, this platform functions as a centralized directory for those who wish to visit Sri Lanka. Rich in information, the website is a reliable source to learn about the country.

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