SMS Gateways

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to get notified when someone contact you through your website or to send information about events, sales or coupons directly through users’ mobile devices. When someone receives an SMS, they’re expecting something personal !

Our Services

Web SMS Service

Creating your first SMS campaign just takes a couple of minutes.Upload your contacts in bulk by using a .CSV or .XLS file, or add them manually. Once your contact list is ready, make your way to Send SMS or Quick SMS.


SMS Marketing

How can a marketing campaign be both relevant and engaging all in one go? Here’s where SMS marketing comes in

Every business has a client database. Through our SMS, Gateways you can import your database in a .CSV or .XLS file.Creating your first SMS campaign just takes a couple of minutes.


SMS Keywords

Use SMS keywords to deliver your campaign. Deliver links to mobile web content such as forms, special landing pages, surveys, or for votes.


WhatClients Say

  • I used to manually send SMS to all my 500 odd clients when ever there is a promotion going on and that was so time consuming !! From the day I started using the web based SMS facility, I can send a promotional SMS to all my clients within just few seconds – Thats simple as that !!! Thank you for introducing this wonderful service .


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