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30,000 Web Sites Get Hacked A Day

So, Is Your WordPress Site Secure? Are You Sure?
“but we are a small business, cyber criminals aren’t likely to target us” “Their target could be a personal blog, a small business website or a massive news site. Wherever there is a vulnerability they will happily capitalise on it to spread their wares.” –  www.forbes.com There has been a 67% increase in security breaches over the last five years. In the first quarter of 2019 alone, hackers exploited vulnerabilities in popular plugins by creating over 65 million new malware. Ask yourself one question : Are you one of those businesses that don’t worry about their websites’ security?

Experts Who Know How to Take Care of Your WordPress Headaches

As keeping up with WordPress maintenance can be time-consuming and demanding, it is a hassle you cannot risk ignoring. With WEBS R US, you get to lay back and focus on growing your business while we take care of WordPress maintenance.

We are confidently boasting that our WordPress maintenance services can give you peace of mind because our experienced team provides undivided attention to ensure your WordPress site is fully protected and running smoothly.

From advanced page speed optimization to malware removal and robust security, our professional all-in-one WordPress maintenance services ensure your site is healthy, live, backed up, updated, and secure.

WordPress Updates

Our WordPress Maintenance Services Will Keep You in The Driver’s Seat

With WEBS R US, your WordPress website is always secure and updated without you worrying about anything. And let just suppose if anything does happen, our pool of highly professional experts will be on it before you even know about the problem.

WordPress Security
WordPress Security

Get Your WordPress Website Secured…Or Regret Not Doing It Later!

As there are currently over 75 million sites (40% of all websites in the world), no wonder why hackers target WordPress websites the most. The issue of website hacking is not with WordPress itself, as many website owners use different third-party plugins that have poor security or vulnerabilities.

Do you know that when hackers hack websites, the domain is blacklisted along with any email accounts associated with the domain, which takes time to recover?   

As 90% of WordPress vulnerabilities are due to themes or plugins, it is imperative to implement the best WordPress security practices. At WEBS R US, we install & configure one of the famous WordPress security plugins – Sucuri.

Many businesses do not realize the immense importance of SSL as it provides critical security and data integrity to not just the website but also users’ personal information. Nowadays, Google displays “Not Secure” for websites without SSL, which has a very negative impact and people are reluctant to visit such sites. We help you get an SSL certificate to protect your site.

WEBS R US also offers Cloud Web Hosting with AWS, free of charge with its Gold & Platinum packages. It is a perfect offer for businesses that want to achieve scalability, reduced costs, better performance, disaster recovery, and better security.

Stress-Free WordPress Updates

We totally get the stress that comes along with a new WordPress update. After all, you don’t know how the update will affect your website. If you ignore updating your website, your out-of-date WordPress site becomes vulnerable.

This is where WEBS R US guarantees satisfaction by ensuring your WordPress core, themes, and plugins are completely up-to-date and running the latest version. With us by your side, you will not have to worry about WordPress core, theme or plugin update headaches.

For our valuable clients, we offer a minimum of 30 Minutes worth of website updates per month (it gets increased depending on the plan). Moreover, clients can get the advantage of this offer by updating their websites with regular updates about the services they offer rather having an outdated content.

WordPress Updates

Why Is WordPress Maintenance So Important For You?

If you ask us, “Why do I need a WordPress maintenance plan”, we will ask you WHY NOT!
Out of every Content Management System (CMS) out there, WordPress is the most hacked. Do you know that 61% of all hacked WordPress websites had an out-of-date version? Most importantly, human error is the reason behind 95% of cybersecurity breaches. Here is how WordPress maintenance guarantees the health, safety, and smooth running of your site:
  • Fixes broken links
  • Updates themes, plugins and WordPress core
  • Eliminates security vulnerabilities
  • Removes and prevents spam
  • Scans for malware
  • Prevents hackers, viruses, and bots from attacking your site
  • Provides data backup (or you lose everything)
  • Increases website loading speed (3 seconds or less)
  • Helps increase Google ranking
Remember, WordPress maintenance costs way less than data losses and potential security breaches. You can get your WordPress site secured for as little as $75+GST per month.
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Let’s Make Your WordPress Website Secure!

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Our Customers Say

I signed up with "Gold Package" and WEBS R US have been maintaining my website since 2018 which involves constant WordPress updates , Plugin updates and more importantly content changes to the website every month, as required. Fantastic Support !!
Darren Musgrave
Darren Musgrave
Propritor - Termite Technology Pest Control
Back in 2018, my website got hacked and as a result, my emails got blacklisted. I was devastated. Since then i signed up with "Platinum Package" which includes daily backups & 4 hours worth content changes every month. WEBS R US doing a great job - I am glad i have made the right decision.
Mark Henry
Mark Henry
Proprietor - Melbourne Sculpture School